Single item collection

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Single item delivery and collection

Our business is founded on professionalism and punctuality. Working since 2010, we are proud to have a long track record of serving clients throughout Dublin and satisfying all their removal requirements.

Promise to our customers

Always on time
Give you the precise time when the item will be delivered
​Use special heavy-duty blankets to protect ​during delivery
Simple delivery pricing

Simple delivery pricing

Being a family-run moving company we understand how it is frustrating when big moving companies come up with these difficult-to-understand pricing strategies where the first hour is one price another hour is a different price.  At ManVan we really proud that we can offer simple pricing for our customers, as we charge per delivery no hidden costs, so no guessing how much you will have to pay for your delivery

Talk directly to your delivery man

One of the best advantages of working with us is that you directly talk with the person who’s gonna deliver your item on a day, so no talking with few people just to get a delivery quote, and no misunderstanding on your delivery day as it will be the same person with whom you talked on a phone.

Moving safety at ManVan

Getting the best price for your single item delivery is one thing, but moving your item safe and sound is more important, that’s why we always use special moving blankets, trolleys, straps to make your delivery not only fast buts also safe. We pride ourselves at ManVan that we are always on time to delivery your item so no waiting weeks before you can sit on your new coach.

Pick up from big shops

During many years of working in Dublin we had pleasure to work with such companies as Ikea, NextHome, Jysk, Harvey Norman and many others, so we know most of those shops, where they based and know people who work there making your delivery even faster and hassle free. Short waiting time for your delivery. We always call our customers to give them exact time when we will be at their house or apartment, so no need to wait all day for your delivery.

Switching beds or couches?

​Need to switch beds or couches between houses or apartments, no problem we can do this, at ManVan we always try to do our best to help our clients to move items fast and safe with minimum disruption to your day.

​ Delivering to offices

Being a family-run company we do our best to make small and big clients happy by being on time and be able to take any moving job – small or big. So if your company needs to move all office or just to get one office chair delivered, no problem at ManVan we are always here to help.

Delivering to your room

working many years in the delivery business we get so many stories about how clients bought mattress or couch but the delivery company wouldn’t carry the item to the first floor and leave downstairs. At ManVan we always deliver where the mattress has to go, would it be the first or the second floor, because at ManVan we try to do our job to the end and understand that some of the clients don’t have anyone to help them move heavy items upstairs, or too old to do so. While bringing heavy items up or down the stairs we always do our best to protect any paintings or pictures by removing them from the wall. In our line of business, it’s always small things that matter the most.

Affordable delivery service

ManVan is proud to offer the most professional, comprehensive and affordable delivery services. We understand that our customers expect friendly and personalized service together with impeccable service and excellent value for money. ManVan is one of the most popular delivery services in Dublin due to its unrivaled reputation for reliability, timeliness and careful attention to detail for stress-free single item delivery at a competitive price.

Single item collection

Why choose ManVan for Single item delivery and collection?

  • We specialize in the delivery and collection of a single item be it freezers, sofa-set, motorbikes, carpets, boxes, washing machines, ovens, drum kits, BBQ’s, TV’s, garden furniture etc.
  • Your belongings are protected at all stages and carefully delivered to your new home.
  • Our highly skilled team of ManVan endeavor to provide the best possible service at all times.
  • We transport and unload all your belongings with absolute care, keeping them safe during every step of the removals process.

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Single item delivery in Dublin

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