Apartment Removals

How ManVan Performs Apartment Removals Dublin?

Working since 2010 we know almost every single apartment in Dublin, so we can advise for a faster and safer move. Moving from or to an apartment requires a lot of moving experience as most of the time during the Apartment Removals Dublin process we canโ€™t park close to the main door and have to use our special heavy-duty moving trolleys to go from the van to the apartments main door. Moving to another apartment is a stressful event, but thanks to our knowledge and experience we can make your anxiety a smooth move.

Big Items Moving

Moving big items to the apartment is also a challenging situation as some of the elevators are quite small and carrying big items like wardrobes or beds requires knowledge and experience as we have only a few centimeters to play to get the item inside the elevator. From time to time we might have to use the stairs as the item is too big, this is why we have special carry straps to secure items while we carry up the stairs and especially on corners. Sometimes it happens that item is too big and too heavy to be carried by stairs in this case we always advise a client to use our dismantling service for Apartment Removals Dublin.

On a Moving Day

On a moving day, we come to do a nice and quick job. Our main priority of Apartment Removals Dublin is to do it safe, quick, and with the least disruption to your day and others that live in the apartment. We try to park with our van as close as possible to the main door of the apartments on the ground floor level, always using trolleys to make the job safer, and when everything is ready we do our best to load the van quick, putting heavy boxes at the bottom fragile things on top and covering all furniture with moving blankets as well as strapping all loose things like mirrors to the van wall so they wouldnโ€™t move during moving between addresses to avoid any damage.

Simple Pricing for Apartment Removals Dublin

We are a small moving company, thatโ€™s why we try to keep things simple. At ManVan we donโ€™t have any complicated pricing strategies like charging one price for the first hour, then changing the price for a second and all after, that might be difficult to understand the final price, here at ManVan we charge per one load one simple flat price no hidden cost. Also when you call us you talk directly with the person who is going to move you on a day, so no misunderstanding about your move or missing information or talking with few people just to get a simple moving quote.


Efficient at moving
โ€œI have used Man with a van Dublin twice. They are always arrive on time, are professional and courteous, and very efficient at moving in and out all furniture, boxes etc. They are very good value for the work that they do. I would highly recommend their services.โ€
Simone Crowley
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