Piano Moving

Piano Moving Dublin

We are a professional piano movers company in Dublin providing safe piano delivery since 2010. Whether the piano moves from house to house, or upstairs in North Dublin, or the piano is needed to move in apartments in South Dublin, our piano movers cover it smoothly.
Our moving team includes professional piano movers, who can handle the hardest piano moves. The piano is a very heavy and bulky instrument, but at the same time very delicate, this is why you need professional piano movers who know how to handle such an instrument with safety in mind.

How We Move Pianos?

We always use special piano moving trolleys to move the piano safely, but also all trolleys we use are with special rubber wheels that also protect your house floor. Moving a piano from a house we have a heavy-duty aluminum ramp to wheel your piano fast and safe avoiding any bumps carrying over stairs. The next step is to load the piano in too the van, here also we always come with a big truck that has a tail lift to wheel the piano on. When the piano is in the van we cover your piano with special heavy-duty moving blankets and strap the piano to the wall with few straps to make sure no piano movement occurs while delivering the piano to your new location.

Best Affordable Piano Movers Dublin

Pianos are heavy, but also very delicate instruments and require extreme care to continue making beautiful music for years to come. You should hire an experienced mover to ensure the safety of your device during the relocation. Find near you the best professional Man with a Van Dublin piano movers!

We can handle Difficult Piano Moves

Not every piano moving is easy and one can simply handle just with a trolley, sometimes we need to use all our expertise to move the piano from the house as we face tight corners and really steep stairs, years of experience thought us how to deal with these situations and how to handle heavy piano safely and efficient during such move.

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