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Are you seeking professional piano moving services in Dublin?

Since 2010, our company has been a reliable leader in providing seamless and secure piano relocations.

We understand the unique demands of piano moving, whether it’s from one home to another, an upward shift in North Dublin, or a transition to apartments in South Dublin.

Our team is comprised of skilled specialists, equipped to manage even the most challenging piano moves.

The dual nature of pianos — bulky yet fragile — necessitates a specific skill set to ensure safe transportation. This is precisely what our professionals offer: a deep understanding of the instrument and the adeptness to handle it with the utmost care.

Entrust us with your piano moving needs. Our commitment to safety, our understanding of your valuable instrument, and our comprehensive service coverage in Dublin make us the first choice for our customers.

We’re not just moving your piano; we’re preserving its integrity every step of the way.

How We Move Pianos?

Site Inspection and Assessment

On a moving day, we conduct a comprehensive on-site evaluation. We observe and analyze the premises, identify potential obstacles, and plan the most efficient and safest pathway for the piano’s removal – whether it be via the front entrance or an alternative route around the property. To make it not only fast but also safe.

Detailed Piano Evaluation

We always check the piano and make sure it’s prepared for the move. A particular point of emphasis is the front cover of the piano, a component that can be prone to loosening. Our team ensures its secure fastening to avoid any damage during the transition.

Equipment Considerations

The choice of equipment is crucial to the successful transportation of the piano. Depending on the instrument’s weight and size, we select either a robust, heavy-duty trolley or a more compact and manoeuvrable model, particularly useful when navigating tight corners or confined spaces.

Team Coordination

The task of lifting the piano onto the trolley is one that calls for professional handling. In recognition of this, we always engage two experienced movers for this critical task, maintaining the safety of both the team and the instrument.

Stair Management

The presence of stairs necessitates additional consideration. In such cases, we use a special moving ramp to facilitate the safe descent or ascent of the piano. Working with heavy pianos, these are the most crucial points where experience is a must, as the simple tip of the piano might end up in damage, that’s why we always take it slow and with utmost care.

Vehicle Selection and Loading

For the purpose of transportation, we use a Luton box body van equipped with a tail lift. This vehicle is specifically designed to ensure the secure and manageable loading of bulky items like pianos. Never trust someone coming with a small van for safe piano removal, it’s too heavy an item to handle it safe loading in too normal size van.

In-Transit Safety

Once inside the vehicle, the piano is covered with protective moving blankets. It is then securely anchored to the van wall using robust ratchet straps. Of note, the straps are applied to the body of the piano, not the legs, as these are the most delicate parts of the instrument.

Keeping your piano safe and secure is at the heart of what we do. We pour a lot of care and professionalism into our work, always ensuring every detail is accounted for before the move. Our goal? To provide you with a piano moving service that’s nothing short of perfect. We’re here for you, and your piano, every step of the way!

piano moving in dublin

How we handle Difficult Piano Moves?

Moving Piano upstairs

Relocating a piano up a flight of stairs is a specialized task that requires particular expertise, appropriate tools, and meticulous planning. Here, we detail our refined procedure for the safe and successful ascension of your piano.

1. Comprehensive Initial Evaluation

  • Stair Inspection: Our first step involves a thorough evaluation of the stairway. Our experts carefully assess factors such as width, incline, and any turns or corners that may present challenges during the move. We remove all painting or photographs from the walls as in most cases pianos barely fits through the stairs.

  • Honest Feedback: Our priority is the safe and secure moving of your piano. If, based on our assessment, we believe the task may put your piano at risk, we will communicate this to you honestly and discuss alternative solutions.

2. Right Team to move the piano

  • Professional Personnel: Safety is our top priority, which is why we use a team of four professional movers for all stair-related piano moves. This approach ensures even distribution and controlled handling of the piano’s weight.

3. We Use Specialized Equipment

  • Piano Straps: For most of the piano moves we use trolleys, but for moving upstairs our team uses specialized piano straps during the move. These straps facilitate better control and even weight distribution, crucial factors in the safe movement of your piano. 

4. Executing the Move

  • Precise Lifting: Equipped with piano straps, our team carefully and collectively lifts the piano. The involvement of four movers aids in maintaining balance and mitigating any risk of accidents.

  • Synchronized Movement: We ensure our team operates in harmony, coordinating their movements to safely navigate the piano up the stairs. This level of teamwork is particularly essential when dealing with corners or turns.

  • Secure Placement: Upon successful relocation upstairs, we oversee the safe and precise positioning of the piano in its new location.

Sideways Piano Maneuvering Through Narrow Corners

The movement of a piano through constricted spaces such as tight corners and narrow corridors requires a unique blend of expertise, precision, and the right equipment. 

1. Preparing the Piano for the Move

  • Protection Measures: To ensure the safety of both the piano and your premises, we utilise heavy-duty moving blankets. These serve a dual purpose: safeguarding the piano from potential damage and protecting your floors from possible scrapes.

2. Positioning the Piano Sideways

  • Lateral Placement: Maneuvering a piano onto its side is a challenging task due to the instrument’s considerable weight. However, our experienced movers have honed the skills necessary to accomplish this with the utmost care and precision.

3. Orientation Considerations

  • Facing the Keys or the Back: Once the piano is securely on its side, we determine the optimal orientation for moving it through the tight space – whether the piano should face keys or back. This decision is based on the specific layout and conditions of your premises.

4. Careful Navigation

  • Narrow Margin Movement: Maneuvering a piano through tight corners and corridors is a delicate operation that often involves mere millimetres of clearance from the walls. This task requires a great deal of experience and knowledge to ensure the piano’s safe and damage-free passage.
Piano moving in dublin

Best Affordable Piano Movers Dublin

Pianos are heavy, but also very delicate instruments and require extreme care to continue making beautiful music for years to come. You should hire an experienced mover to ensure the safety of your device during the relocation. Find near you the best professional Man with a Van Dublin piano movers!

FAQ for Piano Removals

How do you move a heavy upright piano?

We employ a combination of specialized tools, professional techniques, and experienced movers to handle the safe and efficient relocation of heavy upright pianos. 

How many people does it take to lift an upright piano?

Typically, we assign a team of 2-4 professional movers to ensure balanced weight distribution and safe handling of the piano during the move.

How much does it cost to move a piano in Dublin?

The cost of moving a piano varies depending on several factors including the type of piano, the distance of the move, and any specific challenges involved. We recommend reaching out to us directly for a detailed quote.

Will my piano need to be tuned after moving?

Yes, it’s generally recommended to tune your piano after a move as changes in the environment and slight jostling during transit can affect its pitch.

How long have you been moving pianos?

We have been providing professional piano moving services for over a decade, establishing a reputation for care, precision, and customer satisfaction.

Do you have trained movers?

Absolutely. Our team comprises experienced professionals who have undergone extensive training in the safe and effective handling of pianos.

What types of pianos do you move?

We are equipped to move upright pianos.

Where can you move pianos?

We offer local and long-distance piano moving services throughout Dublin and  Ireland, handling both residential and commercial relocations.

How do you protect the piano while moving?

We use heavy-duty moving blankets and specialized padding to protect your piano during the move. Furthermore, we employ careful handling techniques and professional equipment to minimize risk.

Can you move the piano if there are stairs?

Yes, we have the experience and equipment to navigate stairs safely. Each situation is evaluated individually to ensure safe movement. Using special tools like ramps and straps.

Can you move the Piano upstairs?

Indeed, we can. Our team is proficient in moving pianos upstairs, employing specialized techniques and equipment to do so safely.

What tools do you use to move the piano?

We use a variety of professional-grade tools including piano dollies, moving blankets, piano straps, and ramps, among others.

How do you secure the piano in the moving vehicle?

We secure the piano within the moving vehicle using straps and padding. The piano is typically strapped to the wall of the vehicle to prevent movement during transit.

How long does the process usually take from pick up to delivery?

The duration of the move depends on various factors such as the distance of the move and the complexity of the relocation. We can provide a more accurate estimate once these details are known.

Are there any hidden fees or costs for piano moving I should be aware of?

We believe in transparency and fair pricing. All potential costs will be clearly outlined in our quote. We encourage any questions to ensure you fully understand the quote provided. For this service depending on the job, we provide a flat rate.


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