Frequently Asked Questions


You can cancel your booking 24h before the job, if cancelled later some cancellation charges may apply depending on the job.

Yes, if we have availability on your chosen day and time we can change the moving date and time.

If the client is clear about the job the price stays the same unless there is some extra work that hasn’t been mentioned during booking, like more way furniture than it was described, extra stops that haven’t been mentioned or moving from the apartment’s second floor and failed to inform that elevator is not working and we will have to do stairs.

If you contact us via email you will get an email confirmation with the moving date and time, the van you booked and the agreed price. If you contact us via phone you will get the same information via text message. If you didn’t receive an email or text its are not booked.

Yes. If you want to get the best price and save some money and you are capable to lift not only boxes but also furniture in a safe manner you can help us to load and unload.

Yes if we have a free slot we can do moving on short notice, but it’s always better to book your move some time in advance to make sure you get the best time.

Yes, we have two extra seats, but please mention it before you do your booking.

We always try our best to make the moving job not only fast but also safe, we use heavy-duty moving blankets to cover your items as well as straps to secure them.

No. The piano is a very heavy but also fragile instrument, which is why we always come with a second professional to move it.

You pay only after the moving job is done unless it’s a long trip then we ask for a deposit (the deposit amount depends on the length of the trip and the final price).

We charge per job and the given quote is the full price you will have to pay after the job is done unless there will be any extra items you haven’t mentioned during the booking or any extra stops during the move.

Yes, we assemble and dismantle furniture for an extra cost if needed during the move, but we don’t install anything on the wall or drill any holes.

No, we only do moving and delivery service.

No, we don’t do packing or unpacking, but we have heavy moving crates for hire.

No, we don’t keep customers’ items in the van overnight. We load the van and straight away go to unload.

The sooner you book your move the better time and date you can get. But we do last-minute bookings if we are available.

We always try our best to be on time. Most of the time we come a good 15 min earlier to have a look and have a plan for how to load all your items and make them move safely and fast. If we get stuck in traffic, we always will give you a call with ETA.

We are a local family-run business and we never hire someone we don’t know. We are happy to know all our clients.

Yes, we work 7 days a week including bank holidays.

Yes, we work most Sundays and weekends.

We always do our best to do a nice and quick job. We like that it’s clear to clients how much they will pay after the job is done.

No, we don’t transport pets, only furniture.

Yes. Most of the assembled furniture doesn’t take moving well while fully loaded and might brake while carrying, so it is always better to empty drawers, and fridges to avoid any damage.

We work 7 days a week. We work after normal office working hours (5 pm), depending on how late you want to move price might differ (increase).

We are based in Dublin but can deliver or move all over Ireland.

No there is no time limit during your move. We always try to do our best to make your move fast and stress-free. On average (depends how ready are you) small van move takes around 2 hours, big van 3-4 hours.

If you are not in a hurry you can fill up our quote form on our website (we always reply on the same day), if you are in a hurry you can always call us at 085 123 0896.

Yes, we always give final prices that include loading and unloading, delivery, any tolls and parking charges.

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