Furniture Removals

Furniture Removals Dublin

Are you planning to move your residence? Or just want to move one single bed from one house to another? Don’t worry, ManVan is here to help you with all your moving queries!! We are specialized in offering tailor-made moving services to our clients, as every move is different and requires a different approach. At ManVan we not only move your furniture but do it safe and fast and for the affordable price.

Furniture Assembling & Dismantling

Delivering furniture for so many years we know how to shift furniture in the most efficient way. Depending on where furniture is going it’s quite often we need to dismantle and assemble it in order to fit into the elevators or go through tight corners. It is very often when people keep their furniture halfway dismantled reducing the structural strength of furniture, this way risking do damage while carrying or during the move, in this case, we always advise people to dismantle furniture all the way. We have all the needed tools and experience to do it safe and fast, whatever it would be moving the bed from an apartment or delivering a leather coach to the first floor of your house.

Safety While Moving

We always take extra care while delivering your items covering them with special moving blankets and securing them with straps during delivery. While carrying up the stairs we always inspect we can do it with no harm to your item or the walls. Always remove pictures from the wall to make sure none will be damaged. It’s quite often when we deliver furniture people still renovating their houses, meaning construction work still going on with loads of dust, at this case we always use blankets to put on the ground if we need to put the coach on the side in order to fit through the door and keep coach safe from any dirt.

Why choose Man with a van for your furniture removals in Dublin?

At ManVan we have years of experience in furniture removal in Dublin and all Ireland. We, therefore, know how to smoothly and efficiently perform the removal of furniture. For fast and efficient furniture removals in Dublin with minimal disruption to your activities, trust the leading name in furniture removals and the experienced team of ManVan.

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