Thinking of Office Relocation in Dublin? ManVan is ready for Stress Relocation

Thinking of Office Relocation in Dublin? ManVan is ready for Stress Relocation

Even talking about relocating an office is a daunting task. We all want a magic button that just makes it happen, but in fact it takes a lot of preparation and ongoing management to ensure a successful result. Hiring ManVan can turn office relocation stress and hassle free.

There are many ways of finding a new office in Dublin. Support chartered surveyors, estate agents and property management firms as much as possible. They’re going to be the best place to know which resources are available and what’s acceptable. Communicate your ambitions with them and go along to see as many assets as you can to get a sense of what’s out there. Once you’ve found your house, find out the date you need to enter the new office immediately and when the lease starts.

Some key dates are planned for your move. When are you due from your current offices? When the lease due is and what time is the dilapidation schedule you need to give? When is your relocation target date to the new premises? The business will want to be in the new building and begin work as soon as possible. Address all the additional office problems that will need attention with your office relocation services in Dublin. We will have an extensive list of concerns such as telecommunications, IT, planning of local authorities, accessibility, etc.

All of these will require budgeting that how do you communicate the office relocation company Man with a Van. Remember, change can make people nervous, and they will feel comfortable if they feel part of design making, keeping them informed about progress, timing, and overall goals.

It is a good idea to ensure that all interested parties are dedicated to regular meetings, you and your staff, the company directors and the office relocation agency, ensuring that your office relocation budget is adequate to achieve your goals and that everyone is on the same page.

Arrange a date to perform the physical transfer. Communicate this as soon as possible with everyone in the organization so that they can prepare ongoing projects accordingly. Task other team representatives to do specific things prior to the move and on the day itself. This does not help you and your staff to relieve some of the pressure implicitly, but it also helps inspire them and engage them positively.

ManVan will assist with all other issues as well as ensure that you complete all the paperwork you need, such as renewing your service agreements. We will also help you with any required storage arrangements during transportation and disposal of unwanted items before moving.

For more information please visit our website and please feel free to call us to know anything about office relocation services we provide.

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