Professional Piano Mover vs General Household Mover

Professional Piano Mover vs General Household Mover

When individuals think of a piano mover or a piano moving company, they often believe of two big men picking up a piano and carrying it physically from home to the truck and then to the destination for delivery, similar to the popular Laurel and Hardy skit “The Music Box.”

Unfortunately, many household movers take this same mind-set to move these tools. It is essential to recognize that it is physically impossible to walk and manoeuvre the huge quantity of irregular weight from a piano and expect any kind of consistency or control of motion, no matter how big the individual performing the piano motion is, or how many individuals are engaged.

Every piano, upright or grand should be shifted by a skilled piano mover with a piano-specific dolly accompanied by the appropriate proprietary machinery best adapted to the movement’s difficulties and terrain. I’ve heard numerous horror stories from customers during my piano company career describing in excellent detail the huge quantity of harm household movers caused to their pianos and their homes when trying to move their pianos.

In the piano sector, the general thumb rule is never to employ a household mover to move your piano, and never to employ a piano mover to move your home. Although a piano is an object situated inside the home, when it comes to moving it should never be regarded a family item.  Certainly both piano moving company and family moving company are useful in their own right, but piano moving should be deemed a special job left to professional piano movers.

With twelve thousand individual components and a fragile exterior, pianos are tremendously complex, heavy, and fragile tools requiring a good deal of practice for proper transport. While every week or two a household mover can move an upright piano, and perhaps a grand piano every month or so, a skilled piano mover will often move up to six pianos in a single day. Moving pianos can become almost second nature to a piano mover with this kind of consistency and quantity.

Many piano movers also give storage with climate control. Customers often need a secure, climate-controlled storage alternative for their piano while moving from one home to another. This kind of humidity and temperature-controlled atmosphere is critical to staying in top form for a piano soundboard, pin block, and even finish. Improper storage (non-climate and controlled humidity) may result in cracked soundboards, pin blocks, and broken lacquer finishes. Piano movers are capable of maintaining their storage facilities in the best temperature and humidity to protect your piano in the short or long term.

From these piece of writing we should understand all the perspective about piano moving.

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