Important Tips to Organize an Office Removal

Important Tips to Organize an Office Removal

If you’ve experienced a boost in your company, you’re likely to need a new, larger office. Does it sound easy? Okay, don’t forget to move it all to the new location. Organizing an effective, trouble-free office removal is not an easy task. Let’s see some tips to make it quicker and more effective.


It is important to know that it is not possible to arrange an effective office removal in one week. The longer you prepare, the better will be the final outcome. You need time to assess the needs of your employees, your business needs and arrange all the help you need.

It’s not about the elimination itself alone. You definitely don’t want to create a problem for your work environment: you should make the transition as smooth as possible from one office to another. Try to use the weekend to keep your business running without interruption.

Staff management

Let your staff know about the timetable for the office removal. Tell them to pack and tag their desk things properly. Communicate as much as you can in order to understand each and every aspect of the transition and plan their work accordingly. Show them the new floor plan to be able to preview the new office. You can also consider creating new groups of staff to make better use of the new space. Do not require moving work like heavy items to be lifted. Feast with them and explain clearly how the new office will make life much easier for everyone!

Hiring a Moving Company

Go DIY may be a bad choice. In a very limited amount of time, a good office relocation company will perform the office move. Make sure you have a good idea of the cost of the service with a full quote including all office equipment and furniture stock, insurance and packing / unpacking. Request a recommendation from other business owners. Don’t believe companies who say rates on the phone: they can provide an accurate quote just by looking at your office and providing precise information about the new one you’re going to. Make sure they’ve been in business for a while, have no secret extra fees for their offer, and own removal equipment.

Setting up The New Office

Instead of worrying about the old one, you should focus on making the new office work 100%. What about the plan for the new floor? Have you addressed improvements with employees? Would you set up a new telephone network? Make sure you (or your partner) follow a thorough checklist for office removal, or you may end up with long gaps in your schedule of work.

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