How to move a leather recliner couch?

How to move a leather recliner couch?

How to move a leather recliner couch?

Working so many years in moving houses and single items, like coaches, beds ect. for us it’s obvious that most of the items can be dismantled for an easier and safer way to carry and transport. One of the items that we get so many clients wow when we start to dismantle to pieces is recliner coach, for some reason most people think those come in one piece.

We get so many stories from clients that bought recliner leather coaches and really struggled to get in the house or the apartments in some cases even damaging leather trying to get into the elevator or a specific room, because as you know recliner leather coaches are very heavy.

So we decided to write this short article about

how to dismantle a recliner couch and make your life easier.

First thing first: you have to make sure if the coach is possible to take apart as not all come apart, sometimes smaller ones like two-seaters tend to come as one piece, and 90 percent of three-seaters we moved come apart.

The best way to see if the coach comes apart is to look at the back, most of the time you have these leather flaps, that are attached with Velcro or a zipper.

When you lift the flap, on each side you have these 2 poles where the back piece is going on:

Most importantly, to detach the back end is to find the clip that you have to lift up, not push, just be aware if you never took back end down it might be very stiff and hard to press it up so be patient and mind your nails.

The Last thing before lifting coach, specially three-seaters one, put the coach sideways to see the bottom, as some of the coaches might be able to break into two or three pieces, and when you lift you don’t want the coach to break when you carry it.

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