How much does it cost to move a piano in Dublin?

How much does it cost to move a piano in Dublin?

Piano Moving cost in Dublin

How much does it cost to move a piano in Dublin?

Piano moving cost may vary, on moving company you use, distance and move difficulty. As Pianos are heavy but at the same time fragile instrument, handling it during the move requires a lot of experience and knowledge to do it properly. 

If your hired company shows up without any proper moving tools like ramps trolleys or carrying straps no matter the price they gave you just cancel the job, as after such move your piano will definitely will be out of tune, and carrying piano only with hands increases the risk to damage piano or your home.

Upright piano moving cost in Dublin

Moving piano within Dublin City and moving company don’t need to carry piano up or down the stairs and can be handled with two professionals average piano moving cost in Dublin is between 130-180 e depending on the size of the piano as piano weight might differ between models.

If you want to move grand piano, its bit more complicated and only few companies in Dublin provide this service. As grand pianos are heavier than your standard upright pianos, and needs more knowledge and some dismantling job to be done before the move. Removing some legs, properly packing grand piano, as normally there are no handles on piano it self and most corners are rounded that makes it very hard to carry. 

Grand Piano moving price in Dublin

Average grand piano moving cost in dublin city is from 200 to 400 e, once again depending where you want to move and is there any extra steps or corners that would make piano moving more difficult.

Electric piano moving price in Dublin

If you looking to move smaller electrical piano within Dublin, prices vary between 60 to 120e, as piano is much lighter and more manageable.

Piano Type

Average Moving Price In Dublin

Upright piano 

130-180 e

Grand piano 

200-400 e

Electric piano

60-120 e

*Piano moving prices may vary. All given prices are average moving prices in dublin and set as guidance.


Piano Moving cost in Dublin
How much does it cost to move piano in Dublin?

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