How much does a man with van cost in Dublin?

How much does a man with van cost in Dublin?

Man with a van price in Dublin

How much does a man with van cost in Dublin?

When looking for best man with a van service in Dublin you have to consider not only their experience and services but also moving price. 

Moving price per hour

In Dublin man with the van service price usually determined either by hour or by moving job. Charging per hour for moving job looks pretty simple math, you pay per hour agreed amount till job is done.

But if you never moved it is very hard to tell how long will it take to do your house move, or how long it will take just to drive to your new house during traffic. So before hiring moving company always ask them their evaluation how long they think it might take time to have your house move done, just to have rough idea on final moving price. 

Moving Price per load/job

It is very handy to use this service when your moving distance is close enough and you fully ready packed for your move, but if you need to travel further and have no idea how long it might take, its always better to hire moving company which charge per job or per one van load. In this case you have piece of mind knowing the final move price.

Only downside is knowing if everything will fit to that one load. So the more you prepared for the move, packed in stackable boxes or heavy duty moving crates, there more chance you have to fit all and more. 

Before agreeing to the price and your house move always ask as many questions as you can, to make sure what’s included in the moving price, and what you get, so during moving day you would have any unexpected surprises. 

Moving price hourly

Pos Cons
When you have little too move Unsure about final moving price
Good for short local moves Can’t influence loading unload speed
You can help to make move faster Not good for longer trips/traffic
Loading time is only an estimate

Moving price per job/ flat rate

Pros Cons
Clear final price Price might change if info was wrong and you have more items than agreed
Faster move as movers interested to finish job asap Not best option if you have just few items
Movers will try to fit as much items as they can Unsure if all items will fit
Good for longer moves between cities

So you see it is very hard to tell which is better. It always comes down to what you have and your specific needs. There is no one perfect way – hourly or flat rates. Always evaluate what you have to move, distance as well as experience of movers before hiring your moving company. Look for reviews on google ask your friends for advice.

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Article by Arthur, the driving force behind ManVan, Dublin's prominent moving company since 2010. With a decade-long journey in the moving business, Arthur combines vast moving industry knowledge and expertise.
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