House shifting in Dublin

House shifting in Dublin

House shifting in Dublin

If you need to shift your house because you finally bought your new home or just shift house because you had to move because of your work. 

Shifting house – choosing a moving company 

When shifting houses you have to have a good plan before your move, start planning your house shift a good few weeks before. First thing first you have to find the right moving company that shifts houses in Dublin. Don’t just take first moving company do your research, ask your friends for recommendations. When choosing the right company for your house shift ask loads of questions about how they work, how you gonna pay for the house shift is it paid by the hour or for all work, how many people will have you to move, is assembling, and dismantling included in the price. The more you know about the way they work the easier will be on a moving day, and wouldn’t be any surprises. 

Packing before the move

The second thing before your house shift is packing, especially if you hire a moving company that charges per hour, it is very important to be ready and well packed. Don’t save here especially packing the items you cherish the most. Get packing materials like boxes, bags, tape, markers just to make your life and mores life easier. Because after moving to your new house you will have to unpack. 

Moving safety

When moving besides packing it is very import that moving company would have all needed experience as well as right tools to do the job not only quick but also safe and secure. When hiring a moving company always check if they have the right moving tools like moving blankets to cover bigger items like chest or couch, various sizes of straps to secure all items while driving to the new location, special carry straps for big items like American fridge, moving trolleys for boxes and special piano moving trolleys, ramps for stairs if needed to wheel bigger items. 

House Shifting -moving day

So if you have done everything right planning and packing hiring the right moving company, moving day should be easy with no stress, fast and efficient. Just don’t forget to take moving day steps by step and you will be surprised how fast and easy it was and you are already in your new home enjoying quiet and peace.

Shifting house – what not to forget

So you hired your moving company, bought boxes, and packed, what now. When people shift houses, they mainly concentrate on packing items and making sure they are ready for moving day but don’t forget to move you gas provider, internet provider, electricity, because after weeks getting ready and moving all day, at the evening all you want is to relax grab a glass of wine and enjoy your new place.

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Article by Arthur, the driving force behind ManVan, Dublin's prominent moving company since 2010. With a decade-long journey in the moving business, Arthur combines vast moving industry knowledge and expertise.
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