House Removals Dublin with Plants

House Removals Dublin with Plants

House Removals Dublin

You’ll naturally want everything to go as smoothly as possible at the time of House Removals Dublin. Plants, for example, are frequently overlooked and can cause problems if not properly considered.

Light, humidity, and temperature are just a few of the factors to consider when relocating plants. If you’re getting ready to move and are concerned about how to keep your plants healthy on the House Removals Dublin day, we’ve got some top tips for you below.

Make A Moving Checklist

A pre-move checklist can help you avoid forgetting anything important. This could include notifying your House Movers Dublin that you have plants to transport so that they can take extra precautions. Checking all plants for pests can help reduce the risk of infecting them all, and not watering them before moving can help reduce weight and prevent leaking.

Plants can be pruned to help prevent damage during the house relocation process, and larger plants can be wrapped up to protect them even more. Another thing to think about is protecting any decorative pots and temporarily returning plants to their original plastic pots. This can also help you carry them more comfortably.

Keep Ecosystems Healthy

One of the first things to consider during House Removals Dublin is the location and climate of your new home, as this will help guide which plants work best indoors versus out. It’s critical to understand not only what grows well in your area, but also whether those plants can withstand cool temperatures during the winter months without additional care.

Consider The Available Space

Making a list of your plants may assist you in determining how many and what types of plants you have. Making a second list of all the new locations you might want to put each plant helps you visualise the moving-in process.

This is useful not only for moving day logistics, but also for visualising what the different rooms will look like with plants placed around them. You don’t want to move into your new home and discover that there isn’t enough space for all of your plants, which means some will have to be discarded.

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