Hire Heavy Duty Plastic Crates for Shop Moving to a New Location

Hire Heavy Duty Plastic Crates for Shop Moving to a New Location

Are you a moving shop owner? If so, read on to find out why the ideal solution for you is to hire heavy duty plastic crates. As if it wasn’t stressful enough to switch your place, moving your entire stock can create a real headache.

To shop owners with a lot of stock to move, it is essential to make sure that you get everything to your new location in tip-top condition and is not something that can be done with cardboard boxes, so plastic crates are a great solution.

Before Moving Your Shop

Start running down your inventory and stop deliveries of new stock immediately prior to scheduling your transfer. A sale is a great way to shift items that you don’t want to take with you and helps to reduce the number of boxes you need to hire.

Arrange for new stock to be shipped to the new location a day or so after the move; this will trigger any unexpected hiccups and ensures you don’t have to deal with deliveries before the new location is set up.

Try to get the keys to your new premises before the date of movement so you can start organizing the back room, making sure you are ready to receive new stock deliveries and all the contents from your existing store.

Why Choose Plastic Crates 

When it comes to moving fixtures and fittings, one of the most important considerations is that they arrive undamaged and that products arrive in perfectly sellable condition. For this reason, in a commercial move, cardboard boxes are rarely used. Instead, you will find that plastic crates hire will offer a superior solution that is ideal for shop movements.

Benefits of Plastic Crates

  • Plastic crates are Strong and durable
  • Protect the stock of your shop from the weather.
  • Containers have lids and can be stacked to maximize space.
  • Can be easily moved.
  • Rigid so that the contents inside are not crushed.

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