9 tips to make your house move affordable.

9 tips to make your house move affordable.

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9 tips to make your house move affordable 

1. House moving time (after working hour)

If you want to make your house move affordable always plan your house move at least a week before, don’t leave it to last minute. When booking your house move in advance you will have better chance to get cheaper moving time slot. Most of the moving companies can provide after normal office hours moving time, but most of the time it will be more expensive. Plus if the company charge per hour and you are stuck in traffic you just waisting your money. Best time to move your house is daytime around noon, as there is no much traffic and moving company might have job close to you making better offer for your move.

2. Hire local moving company/ small business

It is always better to look for local small business when moving, as most of the time its run by family, and they can offer better rates for your house move. Of course hiring bigger moving company gives you more confidence that they will come and do proper jobs, but no one cares more about your move than smaller moving company for which you are more valuable client, and they have more flexible rates to keep you coming back. 

3. One person moving/ask friend for help

If you want to save money on your house move, be ready to help movers, this way you will save at least 30-40 percent of total cost. Most of moving companies offer full service when you don’t need to do anything, they will come with few guys and do job for you, but if you want to save some money hire man with a van service when driver also will help you to load and unload. 

4. Pack yourself

Most probably the most expensive part of your moving process is packing, as it takes som much time. If you want to save some money always pack yourself. This way you will have a chance to go through all your items deciding what you actually need, and making sure everything is packed properly. 

5. Before house move, sell things you don’t need

Don’t get attached to your old things, if you don’t use something for more than few month, most probably its time to get rid of that item. Less items to move lower the moving price, no matter how the moving company charge for their work, per hour or per item, you will save some time and money either way. Plus having more space in a closet is always good idea. 

6. House moving day – not Weekend

When planing your house move, choosing moving day is very important. In Ireland most people move on weekends, as its more convenient, but these days are usually very busy for moving companies, and moving price might increase because of big demand. The busiest day for moving in Ireland is Saturday, as everyone wants to pack on Friday after work and have some nice time enjoying their new place on Sunday. So if you want to save some money always choose weekdays for you affordable house move.

7. Pack properly – small items takes more time to move

Preparation is most important to have smooth house move. The more you prepare before your house move the better experience you will have during the moving process. Most probably the biggest mistake people do while packing their items is trying to save some money in wrong place. Using shopping bag to pack your clothes or kitchen utensils not only increases the risk of damage during the house move or transportation, but also makes it so much harder to properly pack in the van and takes more time to load it. It is always better to have few strong boxes or plastic containers to pack your fragile items, to make it safer and faster house move.

8. Compare moving prices – cheapest doesn’t mean the best.

Always do your research on moving company you hire. Never fall just for best moving price, if it looks too good to be truth most probably it is. Same goes to expensive moving companies, it not given that you will get best moving experience just because you paid the most. Almost aim for second or last cheapest offer. Research the moving company by visiting their website, checking reviews on google, and asking questions while booking your house move. 

9. Plan your house move in advance

When planing your house move in advance not only you will get better time and date for your house move, but also some time to make right choices choosing right moving company. Also you will have more time to make all necessary arrangements at work or ask your friends for help, make sure to move your internet and all other services to new address. 

Sum up make your house move affordable

Moving price Cheaper to move
Moving time 9-5
Local/small company Better price/valuable client
One person Ask fiends for help 
Pack yourself Always cheaper if you pack yourself
Sell things you don’t need Less things lower price
Moving day Weekdays are cheapest days to move
Pack properly Less items lower price
Compare prices Cheapest is not the best
Plan in advance More time to make right decisions

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