10 Compelling Furniture Removal Tips for Safe Relocation

10 Compelling Furniture Removal Tips for Safe Relocation

If you move, you will discover that there are many furniture removal companies that remove furniture that can assist you with the process of moving. However, you can do it yourself if you want to save some cash and you’re not planning to move far.

This is an excellent way to maintain an eye on your property so that nothing gets lost and you can look after the information as you like. While it can be hard to remove furniture and family, there are several tips to consider to assist speed up the process and make it simpler for you.

Measure Everything

Make sure you have measured both the furniture and the width of the gate before trying to move any big item through a hallway. You can thus determine whether the furniture can readily pass, or whether you need to reposition the object.

Empty All Drawers and Closets

Before moving any furnishings, empty all drawers and closets. Remove and store any smaller products in cardboard boxes. They are much simpler to move and carry when these bigger parts are empty.

Examine the Weight

Before picking up anything, make sure you understand how heavy it is and which end is safer to pick up. This way, you can more effectively split the weight.

Wrap Delicate Furniture in a Removal Blanket

If you are moving sensitive or costly furniture, it is better to wrap it in a blanket or dense sheet to ensure that during the removal phase you will not scratch or bump the surface.

Disassemble Big Furniture Parts

If you are in parts, separate the pieces from each other and move them one piece at a moment. This is also an excellent way to move other big pieces of furniture like sofas.

Get Professional Advice

If you don’t understand how to manage or carry a specific item, it’s better to ask for specialist assistance instead of experimenting on your own. During the furniture removal phase, this can assist avoid severe harm to furniture.

Lift Safely With your arms

Always take care of your back and attempt with your arms to lift heavy things. By trying to lift and carry something with your back that is too much for your body to bear, do not risk a severe injury.

Use Heavy Furniture Sliders

You can rent sliders for heavy products like hutches, dressers, dining tables, pianos and refrigerators. The sliders facilitate the push of these products and help avoid any harm to the ground during the process.

Use Soap on the floor

If you want to move something heavy on a cement or marble ground, placed some soapy water first on the ground. This will make moving heavy objects without friction much easier.

Use Rollers on Stairs

As you move heavy furniture down stairs, use removal rollers instead of carrying the products on

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