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In this blog you will find all needed information about removal companies, furniture deliveries, and much more...

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Posted by on in Everything about storage

Self-Storage Packing Tips

There are many reasons why one might need the services of a self-storage company, however you will always need to know a good way of efficiently packing your belongings so they can fit well and be safe at the same time. It all greatly depends on the items themselves, the size of the storage unit and whether it has any air conditioning as well as the way you packed them. You should keep in mind that pests will do whatever they can to get their little paws and claws on your possessions so you will greatly benefit from using a secure self-storage unit.

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Posted by on in Moving abroad

Overseas Removals - Discard Stuff

    When moving to a foreign country, there are always plenty of hurdles to be overcome. It is a major life decision which none of us are likely to make without a huge amount of thought and consideration behind it. It is a real commitment, and for that reason we need to treat it with even more respect and seriousness than we would a normal move.

    Many of the same considerations which need to be made for a standard move also need to be made for an overseas one. For example, we need to settle our affairs concerning our old home – either selling it, or tidying up, giving notice, moving out, and trying our best to get our deposit back. We need to look for our ideal home in our new location and give it the best possible shot to secure something close to the necessary landmarks and services.

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Posted by on in Everything about storage

Your storage problems solved

    Think carefully about whether you need storage or not. The business is a tricky one, and once you get on it, the storage slope is a slippery place to be! You will find that you put things in storage not really knowing when you are going to take them out. This means that you are essentially paying to own something that you do not use or enjoy the sight of, and so the value of each item increases as you pay monthly for the unit.

Useful Advice When Moving House for the First Time

   Moving house is scary business. You will want everything to go smoothly, with nothing left behind. You want the process to be quick and you certainly don’t want to bicker with your loved ones. This is all easily achievable, even on your first move. Read on for advice on how to be prepared and organised the first time you decide to relocate.

The trouble with family removals

Or how removals can affect your kids

It goes with out saying, that moving house is a large upheaval. The process of taking everything that you own, packing them in to faceless boxes and moving them to a strange new place can be terribly exciting for an adult who has made the decision to move, but for those who are not instrumental in the decision, it can be rather less fun, in all honesty. Taking care of your family whilst moving may seem like something that any parent would do, but it is often easy to neglect them in a way,

The worst client ever

Or how to avoid crazy clients

  We are working in moving houses and apartments in Ireland for more than 5 years, and during these years we had many different clients, picky ones, the ones that don’t care, the ones that always late and not ready for the move, well planed moves, but few weeks ago we had the worst client ever during our long work experience.
So we decided to share this story with you so you could recognize such clients and avoid all possible problems we had.

The best way to move both furniture and people

When moving to a new house in a new city or town, people can get quite sentimental, if not stressed out. It takes time and emotional intelligence to endure the longing for your old,  memory-filled home, but it requires a sound strategy to manage the hassles of relocating to a new house. 

Posted by on in Everything about removals

Moving tips for domestic removals

Moving house is never going to be easy, but there are some ways in which you can think about your removals process in order to ensure that you are on the right track at all times. It all comes down to clever planning and a little bit of common sense really, just ensuring that you are not going to lose your head at any time, or miss anything out that is essential to the move! Forgetting things can lead to massive trouble later on down the line when you remember them, and it is too late! The same goes for getting overly stressed; it only means that you are not thinking rationally about how you are going to get everything done, as well as ensuring that yo are not in a very nice mental space... Have a look over the following tips, none of them will be that revolutionary, but the will let you look at the move in a different way and ensure that you are making the most of your move.

Posted by on in Everything about removals

Moving The Kitchen

   It’s almost certain that every property you empty or move into will have a kitchen.  Where the differences come is in whether or not this kitchen is fitted with appliances before you move into it or not.  Some kitchens may have completely fitted units already including fridge/freezer, cooker and all necessary plumbing while new builds will basically just have an empty room with a lot of power outlets and the necessary piping for your plumbing.  Therefore, you need to make sure you know what you are moving into and whether or not there is anything to be gained from leaving your current kitchen appliances behind in the old house if you are getting new ones as part of the new property.

Boxes: The Ultimate Tool for Your Removal

The packing step is one of the most prolonged and difficult aspect of a move. It will require much of your time and money, with most of your moving resources going towards this. Boxes are an essential item to conquering your packing so to see how useful they are and pick up other tips, read on.

Handling the stress of moving house can be difficult

When moving house, you will likely have an initial ‘honeymoon’ period where you are extremely excited about the prospect of a new place, and the different elements of doing it up, and making it your own. These feelings will likely be replaced fairly quickly by the cold dread that comes with realizing that you need to pack everything that you own and get it moved to the new place in order for the fun to start!

Packing supplies prices,
Box packing and safe lifting

Packing supplies prices

Before every move no matter if you are private person or a company, you want to move you things safe and sound. In order to do this you have think of packing supplies like boxes, bubble wrap, tapes ect. In the market there are quite few companies who offer such supplies, so we decided to save your time and did price analyze for you.

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Posted by on in Everything about removals

5 tips to avoid moving scams

or how to recognize fraud customer

Most probably you have heard quite few stories and read articles about fraud movers, the ones that take your belongings and disappear, or hold your belongings asking for more money and threatening to dump your stuff if you wouldn’t pay, but today we would like to cover other side of moving business – fraud customers, in order to help our colleagues and new starters to recognize fraud customers.

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Before you move/day of move 

  • Redirect all mail to your new mailing address.
  • Notify your utility providers (water, gas, electricity) to have your service turned off after your move and to connect them at your new address.
  • Notify us if you have any changes related to your move.
  • Make arrangements to move your plants and pets. Make sure plants are drained of excess water.
  • Drain the fuel from lawnmowers and other power equipment.
  • Disconnect all your white goods, washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, etc.
  • If there is only off-street parking, please try to secure a car park space for our van there overnight.


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