House removal cost

At ManVan we pride ourselves to have a Simple pricing system for your house or apartment removal service.
Being a family-run moving company, we understand how sometimes moving can get complicated, when you get quoted for each box, or price per hour, not knowing how long it will take to move you, because it’s your first time moving – that’s why we try to keep things simple.

Simple Moving Cost

At ManVan we don’t have any complicated pricing strategies like charging one price for the first hour, then changing another price for a second, that might be difficult to understand the final price. Here at ManVan we charge per one load one simple flat price no hidden cost.

No Hidden Cost

Before your move when you call or email us, we will go through what you have to move where you are moving, you need two or one men for your move and give you one flat price per one load, and at the end of the day will know exactly how much your move will cost for you, no hidden cost or surprise extra cost during your move.

Talk Directly With Your Mover

Also when you call us you talk directly with the person who is going to move you on a day, so no misunderstanding about your move or missing information or talking with few people just to get a simple moving quote.

Just Give Us A Call

To get a moving quote at ManVan, you can fill request form you can find on our website, or give us a call for a fast quote if you in a hurry.

Moving Price Tailored For Your Move

At ManVan we believe every single job is unique so every single quote we give is tailored for you and no one else.

Close by Dublin locations we cover:

Dublin 1, Dublin 2, Dublin 3, Dublin 4, Dublin 5, Dublin 6, Dublin 6W,

Dublin 7, Dublin 8, Dublin 9, Dublin 10, Dublin 11, Dublin 12, Dublin 13, Dublin 14, Dublin 15,

Dublin 16, Dublin 18, Dublin 20, Dublin 22, Dublin 24.


Why work ManVan?

  • Always use special moving blankets
  • Moving trolleys
  • Special piano trolleys for safe piano move
  • Straps to secure your belongings
  • Clean vans to load your items
  • Ramps to load heavy items
  • Special piano carry straps



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